Sunday, March 16, 2008

Site Plan and Layout - Past and Present

Below are the original plan created in 1994 (in sketch form) and a more updated version drawn in 2005 (also a sketch).
As evidenced, plans evolve over time with changes in family, income, and time.

ORIGINAL PLAN (drawn in 1994)

UPDATED PLAN (drawn in 2005)

In sum, the property now has the following structures and resources established or in progress.
Two residences
Chicken Palace/Greenhouse by gardens
Barn under construction
Tool sheds/Storage
Power shed for batteries
Animal sheds


Organic gardens/Berries
In progress orchard and vineyard
Chickens (meat and eggs)
Cows (beef and in progress milking)
Tilapia ponds under construction, nearing completion

Waste Treatment:
Constructed wetlands

Solar arrays (8 panels)
Wind turbines (2)
Biogas digester

Rain catchment through a swale system to harvest water
Town-supplied water
Future 600-ft. well

Just as a reminder, the propagelle symbolizes our lives because we are small and not very powerful, but we are in search of an alternative to our contemporary culture that we hope will inform and encourage many others who want to change. A new way must spring up to demonstrate an alternative that lies within reach of many and that will be both economical and elegant. We are committed to finding such an alternative using our own surplus cash and muscles so that others without many resources can believe there is way out.

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