Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Windmill Pictures and Upcoming Topics

Spring is starting to 'spring' around here, so it has started us thinking about finishing up projects and starting new ones like gardening again, and milking the cow. Our Dexter recently calved, so we would like to milk her, but she has little insterest in cooperating and we haven't the proper physical setup to ensure safe handling and processing of milk. Safe milk is extremely important to us because of the 4 year old in residence. :D

Here are a couple of shots of lowering the 100-ft windmill tower prior to a large storm. The winter sky was amazing that day.

Spring also has us thinking about the larger topics that we would like to address in the future. We want this blog to be informative and to share the lessons that we are learning.
We hope to discuss at minimum these topics, mixed in with our thoughts and other topics (so if there is something that would interest you, just drop us a note).
- alternative energy selection and installation (wind, solar, and biogas)
- organic gardening planning and installation
- milking cows
- broadscale planning (contouring of property, water collection) and regnerative design
- fish pond planning and installation

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