Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Many Things to Be Grateful For

I found this shot of two of the three generations on our campus sharing a snack at a very messy table, but then I started looking at the picture and it is quite symbolic of our family. There on the wall is a lovely very large painting done by the youngest girl in our family. Below that is a portrait brought home from Africa--one of many momentos of a different life. The mess on the table is pretty common, along with the book reading. We don't have cable TV, so our time is spent reading, working, painting, thinking, and sometimes watching DVDs. It also struck me that we are very lucky to share this time together with a granddaughter, parents, and children all living near and with each other, sharing a commitment to a life filled with peace, fellowship, and fun (and good food! :D).

And of course, there is always the beauty of the outdoors to be grateful for (yes, I found some more lovely photos of flowers from the summer LOL).

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