Thursday, July 30, 2009


Well, I say this all the time, but I am constantly amazed at how quickly time flies now. If only I had known this at 20--when a whole summer took years to pass. Now, the year passes so quickly, it turns my head as it moves past. :)

But as time passes, so projects progress. Our barn is nearing completion and the garden was productive this year. We just finished our first batch of very tasty spaghetti sauce and we are making salsa today. Yumm! We have had delicious watermelons and cantaloupes, but the squash, peppers, and beans did not fare as well. The plants produced enough for some fresh produce, if not to put up. We are looking forward to a fall crop of potatoes and peas. It is still too hot to plant much in August, so we usually plan for September and October--adding fall crops as well as green mulch like clover, rye, and vetch.

We should have some updates on solar and wind power in the next month or two.

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